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Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA) launches comprehensive analysis of industry segments, market trends, growth drivers, market share, size and demand forecasts on the global Foot Care Products market. Market segmentation includes Product (Foot Creams, Foot Cleansing Lotions, Slough Scrub Products, Foot Repair Ointments and Other Products) and Application (Medical and Other Applications).

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24 November 2:26 a.m., Silicon Valley, California - According to the new market research report, the global market for Foot Care Products is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.7% reach US$3.7 billion by 2027, driven by growing focus on self care and continuous demand among consumers for products that can help them maintain better hygiene and esthetics. The aging baby boomer population, rising number of patients with diabetes, and increased incidences of infections caused by bacteria are some other key factors driving the market growth. Most notably, demand in the foot care products market is being driven by the rising incidence of foot infections. In addition, upsurge in marketing strategies, and improvements in distribution channels are propelling growth in the foot care products market. The global Foot Care Products market will be reset to a new normal which going forwards in a post COVID-19 era will be continuously redefined and redesigned. Footcare products market in 2020 is expected to suffer a modest decline amid supply chain issues and drop in spending and general consumption patterns. With people lowering spending on beauty care products following the COVID-19 pandemic, foot care creams and moisturizing products are experiencing a revenue decline.

Foot care products are used for providing remedial and preventive foot and ankle care. The category includes products which cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate and offer cosmetic treatments for the feet. Foot care products can help in treating a wide range of foot problems, including nail health, finger pain, toe pain, and heel pain. Rapidly changing lifestyle and fashion trends have significantly increased the exposure of the skin of the feet, thereby increasing the demand for foot care products. These products are more popular among women owing to the rising trend of open shoes and sandals. Foot diseases or other abnormal conditions of the foot are usually the most commonly ignored forms of ailments, as many conditions do not cause significant trouble to the patient. However, some of the foot diseases are more serious and are signs of complications occurring in other parts of the body or can potentially manifest elsewhere in the body. The susceptibility of foot to myriad morbidities is due to its prolonged exposure to pressures and its distance from the body's central circulation. Availability of broad spectrum of products, innovations, increased consumer awareness and the existence of several key suppliers are the major factors driving growth in demand for foot care products worldwide. With growing number of consumers gradually switching to a healthy lifestyle, the market for foot insoles is gathering importance. Product innovations comprise another major factor driving demand for foot care products. In addition to these, growing recommendations from caregivers and healthcare providers are expanding demand for products with high quality in terms of efficiency, performance, safety and cost-effectiveness. Growth in the market is also supported by developments in Podiatry Medicine. The effect of foot injuries on the health outcomes of patients, especially diabetic patients, has been one of the major drivers of podiatric medicine. The evolution of specialized or super specialized physicians with focus on the ankle and the foot has aided the development of podiatric medicine.

Research Methodology
This latest edition of the research study is conducted and published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., in close collaboration with senior executives in the industry driving strategy, business development, marketing, sales, product management, technology and operations. The views, opinions and findings presented are based on validated engagements from a total executive pool size of 5228. Among this pool, 836 direct interactions with domain experts were carried out via our proprietary market research platform, MarketGlass. Among the 157 unique participations, a total of 71 validated responses were received as part of this report's primary research outreach program. We are unique in the industry to provide our clients with the validated list executive engagements and the complete project data stack.

Key Competitors Covered in the Report -
GlaxoSmithKline PLC
Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.
Bayer AG
Chattem, Inc.
Blistex, Inc.
Implus LLC
ProFoot, Inc.
Footcare Express
Miracle of Aloe
Pacific World Corporation
RG Barry Corporation
PediFix, Inc.

Segments Covered in the Report -
Product (Foot Creams, Foot Cleansing Lotions, Slough Scrub Products, Foot Repair Ointments, Other Products)
Application (Medical, Other Applications)

Geographies Analyzed in the Report -
Rest of Europe
South Korea
Rest of Asia-Pacific
Latin America
Rest of Latin America
Middle East
Saudi Arabia
Rest of Middle East

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